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    A/V and computer question

    I'm working on getting a second monitor, just debating on what size, and what video card to get.

    The video card I have now has the typical analog output and have a monitor using it, but also has the tv/s-video plug outlet. Can I just plug a tv in there using a s-video cable and get a quick and dirty second monitor? Will I need a program to do it? Currently running XP home edition at home. Got two monitors at work, but I have XP pro, and the settings seem built in to the OS. Desperatly need a second monitor for work I'm doing on the side.
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    yes, XP Home supports dual-monitors, but sometimes have driver conflicts if you've got two vastly different GPUs on multiple cards.

    Even then, depending upon your current video-card hardware, the TV-output may just be a mirror/identical image as the main monitor. Or the card will display either/or monitor or TV, but not both simultaneously. Even if it can do both simultaneously with extended desktop, the TV-output's only good for videos or basic powerpoint presentations. At the lowest resolution of 640x480, you can't do anything that uses text on a TV-screen.

    What brand/model video-card do you have? Better to get a single card with dual-outputs.

    Here's a free dual-head video card and an Acer 19" LCD for $159!
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