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    mpeg4 (asf) to mpg2 converter ??

    Hi all, I have a digital camera that saves movies in ASF format.

    So far, I can only get it to play on my windows XP computer......

    I am a Linux user and so I am unable to find a player that will handle ASF movies...

    Does anyone know of a player that I can get with (apt-get) or a converter that can run in windows XP to convert an ASF movie to mpeg2 so that I can play it in my linux PC ? ??

    I am running Knoppix DVD edition (installed to hard drive) and I have all of the players it came with such as XMMS and Kaffeine but neither seem to be able to decode ASF movies.....
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    best media player on the planet bar none

    get the essential codec pack while your at the mplayer site too, follow the instructions

    part of mplayer is an app called mencoder, if you want, use that to convert the video to something else, if you want to convert to mpeg2 though you have to pipe the YUV output of mplayer into mpeg2enc, mencoder usually has sound synch issues when converting to mpeg2 for some reason

    get these while your at it:

    with mplayer/mencoder and those tools there isnt much you cant do, all are opensource and most can be found at sourceforge, these are best done compiling from source that way you can compile in things like lame or toolame into mplayer/mencoder and ffmpeg and transcode, you will need gcc and the c header/development file libraries to do this

    as always:
    ./configure --help for compilation flag listings

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    Get the VLC player, which plays ASF just fine. Much faster than WMP too.. No need to waste time and quality transcoding the video into some other format. Also MPG2 is of lower quality and larger filesize than MPG4 anyway...

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