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    Audio - What's in your system?

    I know there must be some people in here that are as obsessed about audio as they are about cycling.

    My current system is as follows:

    Linn LP12 w/ Lingo power supply
    Alphason HR100MCS (I have considered replacing this arm, but it is just soooo good)
    Benz Micro Ruby

    Conrad Johnson PV-9
    Paoli SOB monoblock amps (4 of 'em)

    Montana EPX speakers

    Audioquest interconnects and speaker cable

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    Speakers: Onix Reference .5
    Reciever: Yamaha RX-496 (stereo reciever)
    CD/DVD: Pioneer DV-C503
    interconnects: self-made 75ohm interconnects, double shielded.
    Speaker cable: K&B signal solutions (I was too lazy to sleeve/solder my own pair, so I bought some)

    This is also the system I watch movies on, if you add in my Samsung something or other standard-def TV set....which uses the same 75ohm interconnects I made for my audio. (75ohm is both video and digital impedance, and since there is no impedance spec for analog audio, one cable design does it all, I just mark each cable's ends with a different color ring to identify channels/sources/etc).

    ...I also fall under the "budget audiophile" (aka cheap bastid) category, so I just can't stand the thought of spending thousands on any one component.
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