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Turzy 07-17-13 03:51 AM

Gojira - Backbone

ilikebikes 07-18-13 02:37 PM

I'm listening to my Samsung Galaxy 4S alert me to my replies to my Jim Kelly post.

trsidn 07-18-13 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by Doohickie (Post 15836168)
I found a pretty good album by some old prog rock band on Youtube.

I think I like this one a little better...

ModoVincere 07-24-13 08:13 AM

trsidn 07-24-13 09:27 AM

Lamplight 08-09-13 08:44 PM

ooga-booga 08-09-13 11:35 PM

all of tv on the radio's discography set on shuffle.

HardyWeinberg 08-10-13 06:58 AM

Chip Smith Project

BikesHQ 08-12-13 06:46 AM

A little more modern mainstream - Coldplay - Viva La Vida :thumb:

ooga-booga 08-14-13 04:08 AM

^thanks! it's been a while since i last listened to it. just threw it on. love the brian eno production. when it first came out, it struck me as a "transitional" album with the band
trying to get to their future "sound." it may prove, however, to (arguably) be their high water mark when all is said and done.

smoke 08-17-13 04:27 PM

Beethoven's Violin Concerto, Itzhak Perlman performing, Carlo Giulini conducting

ooga-booga 08-22-13 10:22 PM

dave holland quintet-points of view 1998

frank zappa-joe's garage: acts i-iii 1979

quincy jones-walking in space 1969

queen-a day at the races 1976

procol harem-procol harem (debut) 1967

jefferson starship-red octopus 1975

serge gainsbourg-histoire de melody nelson 1971

teardrop explodes-kilimanjaro 1980

u2-war 1983

robbie robertson-how to become clairvoyant 2011

pete townshend-who came first 1972

herbie hancock-inventions & dimensions 1963.

jdon 08-22-13 10:33 PM

A little Canadian content.

Greyryder 08-23-13 01:35 AM

I get the damnedest things stuck in my head.

ooga-booga 08-25-13 04:28 AM

count basie-the complete atomic basie (originally released 1957, remastered w/extra tracks added 1994)


Rollfast 08-26-13 02:25 AM


Originally Posted by Greyryder (Post 15990535)
I get the damnedest things stuck in my head.

Well, it was a pretty good thing...Ernest Borgnine and Jan-Michael Vincent...what a show!

ModoVincere 08-27-13 12:38 PM

Randolfo 08-27-13 01:16 PM

Angry Veterans

ooga-booga 08-27-13 02:47 PM

the who's last studio album-endless wire 2006.

sotramk 08-29-13 02:57 PM

Turzy 09-08-13 08:52 PM

Lamb Of God - Desolation

trsidn 09-11-13 10:14 AM

Since I-Like-To-Bike reminded me....

Michigander 09-11-13 03:32 PM

There are those bands that age like fine wine, and others that don't. Youtube has me expecting the latter tomorrow.

At least it was cheap. :thumb:

sotramk 09-11-13 08:30 PM

squeakyschwinn 09-11-13 10:05 PM

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