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    song for talent show

    ok, at a future party we've been warned to bring a "talent"...sort of like a party game.

    I play guitar, but I can't think of a good song. The object is to be funny, but anything that might also impress the womenfolk would be good.

    (certain songs by Da Vinci's Notebook, for example...)
    If it's good enough and I can find a volunteer to hold my camera on "movie" mode, I'll post a link to the video.

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    Roll Me Over

    Now this is number one, and the fun has just begun
    Roll me over, lay me down and do it again
    Roll me over, in the clover *
    Roll me over, lay me down and do it again.

    And this is number two, and I'm taking off her shoe

    number three... My hand is on her knee

    number four...She's beggin' me for more

    number five...We're startin in to jive

    number six... She's starting to do tricks

    number seven...she thinks that she's in Heaven

    number eight...the doctor's at the gate

    number nine... the twins are doin' fine

    number ten... we're starting in again.

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    i'm guessing copious alkyhol would make this a lot easier and better.

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