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    Well that was stupid. 1 month down, 1+ to go

    For some reason I decided that soloing a rock climb was a good idea. Turned out not to be the greatest decision I've made.

    Briefly, broke both wrists, dislocated elbow, open dislocation of left ankle, broke couple of bones in the foot. Fortunately just about managed to get to my phone, and a friend that I shall forever be indebted to sorted out an ambulance and kept me sane in hospital.

    Finally got out of hospital on tuesday, after a week getting the bones sorted then waiting three weeks for a skin graft. Annoyingly can't use crutches for another three weeks or so due to the wrists so pretty immobile.

    Tell you what though, can't wait to get back on a bike! Shall have a bit of a strength discrepancy between left and right leg, since I'll have had no weight on the left for the best part of eight weeks.
    Actually figure biking is probably the next best thing to swimming for gently rebuilding muscle mass and fitness, as should be able to do it low intensity but for reasonable lengths of time. Won't be able to swim for a while due to the skin graft.

    Oh well, not do that again.

    Been touch and go though, due to go mountaineering in the rockies in 7 weeks time, been oh so useful to have something to aim for/look forward to, just hope the graft is strong enough by then to allow 8 odd hour days in walking boots. That and hope travel insurance isn't a problem.

    Shall probably be posting on here a bit more frequently than I used to, got nothing else to do for the next three weeks!

    So two pieces of advice,
    1 - be oh so careful if you decide to solo stuff!
    2 - if you ride a motorcycle, please be careful (I've spent three weeks look at someone with large chunks of skin missing, and another with an amputated leg) and leathers seem to be a good idea!

    Still, not in a position to preach!

    ps miss-ed/ing all the final exams for my degree... yet to find out what'll happen there.
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    Were you wearing a helmet?

    Glad to see you survived your mishap and learned a valuable lesson: never leave your cellphone at home! Heal up quick and try swimming for PT. Less stress on your bones and joints plus women in bikinis.
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