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    Murdoch: I'm proud to be green

    In one of the most unexpected conversions since Saul of Tarsus hit the road to Damascus, Rupert Murdoch is turning into a green campaigner. He is making the whole of his worldwide operations carbon neutral and setting out to "educate and engage" his readers and viewers about global warming.

    He believes his companies' "global reach" presents "an unprecedented opportunity to raise awareness and to stimulate action around the world". A former sceptic who confesses to having been "somewhat wary of the warming debate", he laid on his first global webcast for all his employees on Wednesday to tell them that he was "changing the DNA of our business". He added that he had started with himself, buying a hybrid car.

    Hmmm... his conversion may be genuine, but then again it may be that ol' Rup is well aware of the power of "trends", and realizes that in order to continue to amass gobs of money, he better get with 'the program'.

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    +1 -- Green is the new black.

    Now, if we can get him and chucking some much needed cash at improving solar, nuclear fusion, and energy storade of batteries, so they are within two orders of magnitude of gasoline, he would be regarded in history as helping save our race.

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