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    LBS of a byegone era...

    I was just thinking this morning while cycling about my favorite LBS. It really wasn't a Bike Store, but was a Bike Mechanic. I had this three speed bike with a handle bar shifter that I used everyday to deliver papers. It would make a fine commuter now. Occassionally I would decide to fix it, and I usually managed to really fix it, if you know what I mean. It would could from being a three speed to a single speed in no time - not too bad it if was the middle gear, but not very good when it was on the top gear!

    Anyway, there was this older gentleman (probably younger than I am now) who lived near a train track - not sure why that matters but I could find the place to this day. An absolute wizard on repairing bikes. I would limp the bike over to him with a little bit of cash and in about an hour, the thing would be better than new. I almost never had to pay for parts, he had used bikes all over the place to salvage from.

    The other thing I remember about him is that he was into building his own mini helicopter. I never got to see it take off, but it sure looked cool.

    I suspect by now he has gone on to the great bike repair place in the sky, but I sure wish I could have him here to tweak my bike for me. I am a lot better than I was, but he was a wizard.

    So, older geezers, got any fond memories of a LBS of times past?

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    When I was a kid, there was a shopping center at the end of my street. In that shopping center was "The Wheeler Dealer". It was the social gathering place for all of us BMXers. We would hang out there for hours every day in the summer. If we had a little money, we would buy stickers for our bikes. The guys who worked there were very cool to us kids, let us hang out in the work area, we would throw boxes in the dumpster and stuff for them.
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