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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Old 05-31-07, 02:31 PM   #1
On my TARDIScycle!
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Happy Birthday -=£em in Pa=-

Happy Birthday -=£em in go ride the birthday cake!!
Originally Posted by coffeecake View Post
- it's pretty well established that Hitler was an *******.
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Happy birthday cousin. I'll take a scooter break for you today.
Originally Posted by Bikeforums
Your rights end where another poster's feelings begin.
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Old 05-31-07, 02:34 PM   #3
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awww... happy day to you!!!!
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Happy Birthday!
The Almighty Clyde FAQ || Northeast Index
eTrex Vista References || Road Reference

It's the year of the enema!
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Old 05-31-07, 02:49 PM   #5
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Hope its great!
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Wow !!!
This is too, too kool !!!
Ive never gotten The Thread before !

It means alot that you posted this, Really !!!
And, I am going to take a ride right now !

If anyone sees an old(er) hippy on a SS Chunker bike on Rt.4 in Rutland
stop and we'll get a shake at the Fish Shanty !!!!

Thanks again !!
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Old 05-31-07, 02:52 PM   #7
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Old 05-31-07, 06:09 PM   #8
Tiocfáidh ár Lá
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-=£em in Pa= your moving to a certain hippy part of NC right? I get the feeling you will like it there. Happy b-day and many more to come...
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Old 05-31-07, 06:13 PM   #9
Siu Blue Wind
Flowers for mom
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I hope you get a lot of bike presents. Oh and I found the Birthday Cake. It's your turn to ride it!!
Originally Posted by Buddha
We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.
Originally Posted by making View Post
Please dont outsmart the censor. That is a very expensive censor and every time one of you guys outsmart it it makes someone at the home office feel bad. We dont wanna do that. So dont cleverly disguise bad words.
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Riding Heaven's Highways on the grand tour
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Happy B'day -=£em in Pa=-.
Hope its a good one!
1 bronze, 0 silver, 1 gold
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happy birthday!
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"Minor bun engine, made Benny Lava!!!"
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Old 05-31-07, 09:00 PM   #12
Tail End Charlie
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Happy Birthday!!
Why isn't 11 pronounced onety one?
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No birthday thread for Lem could be complete without a picture of tallbikes.

"Real wars of words are harder to win. They require thought, insight, precision, articulation, knowledge, and experience. They require the humility to admit when you are wrong. They recognize that the dialectic is not about making us look at you, but about us all looking together for the truth."
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Happy Birthday, -=£em in Pa=-!

Hey, be sure and start postin' on the SE Regional Discussions forum. There are usually some NC mountain-related threads, and a CLT area rider thread. Depending on where you'll be, maybe you can join some of us BF'ers for a Foo-lunch and/or a Foo-ride!

Hey, if you're movin' to NC, are you gonna come up with a new username? <curious Vega look>

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Old 06-01-07, 07:49 AM   #15
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rock on brutha
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Lem, Sorry for being a day late. Hope you had a super-wonderful Birthday. Yeah, I realize those two fellas in DC didn't resign , but I hope lots of other good things happened.
In search of what to search for.
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