On July 4th, were you involved in the Independence Day Parade? If so, what did you do?

My bike partner and I led the bicycling unit of the Independence Day parade in Belgrade Lakes, ME, an event we have participated in for years. While enjoying the festivities there in 1996, the parade marshal approached us and asked if we wanted to be in the parade, noting that we were examples of using long-distance bicycling for exercise, enjoyment, worthy causes, and overcoming the odds. We couldn't turn her down. Decked out in matching club uniforms, helmets, and biking shoes, we were given a good spot in the parade. Although other cyclists were also invited over the years, We have been asked back to lead them ever since.

How about you, Foosters? If you were involved in the Independence Day Parade near where you are,
what did you do? ( watching a parade doesn't count).