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    fun artsy fartsy project

    hi all.
    i have a fun project if anyone would like to consider participating.
    basically i do some freelance work for a sticker company that makes products for kids, in this case, stickers.

    in the past, i have tried to use friends in the content. i have attached an example of my neighbor and his wife in his 70 torino- you can only see her in this example-(left) and my friend kelley on a slight resemblance of his chopper (right).

    so... to make a short story long, i'm doing a set of 5 bicycling stickers. i'm thinkin' 3 males and 2 females.

    what better place to look for cylists, you say? Bike Forums!

    here's the deal, if you're interested PM me and i'll send you my email addy so you can send a small pic of you in your fav bike jersey and bike - if possible - and i will TRY to immortalize you for all time! WOWEE!!!

    granted these stickers are only 3 inches across, so details might not be really noticeable. - BUT i'll try my best to make you semi-famous.

    IN RETURN FOR YOUR EFFORTS (should you get picked from the thousands o' entries ) i will send you a set of stickers for your bookshelf or family album or refrigerator or forehead, assuming you supply me with a mailing address.

    [edit] minor addendum: i cannot do 5 road bikers, so i would like to try something along the lines of:
    1 old timey big wheel bike - i'll ad-lib the proper attire
    1 bmx bikist
    1 road biker
    1 mountain biker
    and 1 future biker

    -tappets (a.k.a. gary)

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    Oh those stickers are sooooooo cute!!

    I wouldn't be a good model for something like that...
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