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    Quote Originally Posted by norsehabanero View Post
    i usally keep a few spare bats around also
    holy bat balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cnickgo View Post
    I cheaped out years ago (when 1gb was big and expensive) and got a PNY 1gb CF card. It constantly corrupts at least one exposure per session, no matter how long I wait after each exposure or what I do. The smaller Ultra II from Sandisk that I have is perfect (besides being 256mb). I think it's about time I upgrade cards!
    Dude, they have a lifetime warranty. Get it replaced. I've bought cheap-ass cards from AData and Dane-Elec for the last several years and none have caused me a problem. If something isn't working right and it's got a warranty, get it replaced. If nothing else, you will get a newer card and it'll probably be faster.

    But yeah, you can practically find 1G cards in ******* jack boxes these days. 2G CF cards from AData are < $10. For that kind of money, any piece of equipment that EVER caused me to lose a SINGLE exposure would go straight into the trash.
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