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Thread: Birthday omen!

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    Birthday omen!

    So, before work this morning I sign on to check my email and happen to look
    at the forums. I see that Danka24 has wished me a happy birthday. I thought
    that was nice and replied that what better way is there to celebrate your
    birthday than to ride. So I left for my morning commute. Happy to be riding
    on my birthday and thinking this is going to be a good day.

    Half way to work I hit a big rock with the front tire. I must of hit it square
    becuase I heard the sound of it hitting the rim. Right then I knew I probably
    had a pinch flat. I keep riding and sure enough the front tire is going down.

    I figure no big deal. I stop and fix the flat. It takes me a little longer than it
    should have becuase I am not real used to doing it on the side of the road.
    I get it changed and I get back on the bike. I rode a little further and notice
    I need a little more air in my front tire. I stop and put some more air in the
    tire. However somehow I manged to bust the valve stem and as soon as I take
    the pump off all the air rushes out. Of course I don't have a spare tube with

    I took this as an omen that I should have worked from home today. I called
    my girlfriend to come get me and I went home and I am not leaving for the rest
    of the day. I am staying inside where it is nice and warm.

    Happy birthday to me.


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    happy birthday to you!

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