Well it must be official, just a block and half away and around the corner the first house in Everett (at least I think it is the first) turned on their Christmas lights the other night. This is not a thread on how it is to early to do that but on christmas shopping.

A few years ago I started doing most if not all of my holiday shopping on line. I, being a true male am deathly allergic to shopping, after 20 minutes in a mall or store (that is unless it is a cycling, cooking, or hardware store) my eyes glaze over and I become very CRANKY. A Friend of mine introduced me to a site called igive.com, it is a site that has many online stores on it,Nashbar, REI, Seirra, Overstock, Barnes and Noble are some that I have shopped at using this site. The stores in turn take a percentage of your bill and donate it to a charity of your choice and they have thousands to choose from. I managed to find one of our local food banks on it so they get my cut. This includes their normal sales and specials they do not add to the cost of their items in order to use it.

I find it a good way year round to continue to contribute back to the community. I recommend that you all check it out and if you have any questions feel free to PM or email me.

P.S. They do keep a record of your donations and you can use it as a tax deduction

David (not Nate )