I hear people say things like "I accumulated 5,000 dollars in grants" sometimes. Given the hefty price tag of the school I have selected, I think it would be nice to get in on this as well! Yes I got a generous financial aid package, most of which was grant, but more is better!
Last year, when I was looking for scholarships (under the assumption that I would be a full time campus dweller as we speak, which never happened), I found most of them were awarded to minorities. Being a white male and only child child, am I basically left with merit scholarships? I don't have much merit to show from high school, but I do have a 3.75GPA now, in college.

Also, I believe many of these scholarships are recurring. I hear people say things like "I need to maintain a 3.5gpa or higher to keep my scholarship". This is great except for one thing...I won't be receiving grades where I go, that school works by written evaluations and pass/fail. Am I further screwed?