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    About the FCAT and this 'Special Diploma'

    I read a post some days (weeks?) ago. Had to be here since this is the only forum I use ATM. The guy was talking about this 'special diploma' that schools are now offering to students who are not ready for the normal FCAT exams. I tried to search for the thread but I could not find it. Anyway, for the OP of that thread and all ppl who contributed, from the bottom of my heart:


    I went to a PTA. I was told about how hard it is for my kid to keep up with the rest. I was offered the easy way out, the 'special diploma'. They were really trying to convince me. Then I remembered that thread and I ask them: "So with this special diploma, my son will basically work on a grill at some fast food for the rest of his life?". The room went silent.

    I did not accepted this diploma. It is the most unfair thing I have ever seen on an education program. Even a guy who never went to school can take an equiv test and have better options.

    So, I'll do whatever it takes. I already prepared an area inside my home office, to use it with my son as a study room. I've been looking for websites with information about FCAT tests; things like test examples, study software, etc. I talked with the kid and he understands that this needs to be done. He is even happy about this father&son FCAT study initiative I'm scheduling here at home.

    But again, to however it was: Thanks! Thanks for making me aware of this!

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    You GO, Ruben - Good for you! When it comes to kids there should be no skimping. NEVER! Your kid will be very proud of himself with the result of his hard work and you are showing him the right thing to do. That is what good parents do.

    Awesome, dude. Very cool. (high five) *slap!*
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