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    One can only wish....

    A bunch of rednecks live 2 doors down from us. They look and live like a Jeff Foxworthy spoof, so we are frequently entertained by them screwing around with their oversized trucks which are lifted so high that the bumpers are at eyeball level.

    The other day, they rented a tracked loader. I had no idea what they wanted to do -- I guessed they would build a dirt track to race motorcycles in their front yard since they have a million internal combustion engine powered things to ride about on.

    We listened for about an hour and a half while we heard the sounds of a major demolition project. It sounded like they were tearing their garage to the ground or maybe even their house. When the noise stopped, we walked by to see what they did. The house was still standing. Damn....

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    That's because they failed!

    Speaking of which...

    Ride more.

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