I'm down to a week left with one of my roommates. She's due to go to Seattle on Friday, possibly even Thursday. She's also not going to be allowed back in the house after Aug 31 - when she will no longer be on the lease. Her crap will be on the lawn, I won't be answering phonecalls and e-mails. I'll be doing a raiding party on her new place once she gets moved in, so I can reclaim anything that she takes which is mine. Thankfully, one of her new roommates is understanding and knows some of my things will make it over there.

Since my summer job is three weeks from over, I'm at my windfall of cash and have dealt with that roommate's brand of stupid for too long, I decided it was time to drop the money for a few good purchases. I picked up a few books ( nerd books), am going to pre-order Anathem (Neal Stephenson's latest). The trip to the LBS was for a couple purchases I've been intending to make for a while. I bought a pair of Mavic Open Pro rims and ordered up spokes, nipples, and Ultegra hubs. In the next couple weeks I'll be making a trip to my school's outdoor center and building them up. I need to pick up a casette as well.

But the crown jewel for the summer's effort (besides paying rent) is a new Felt F1X. I'm making a trip to the LBS tomorrow to double-check the fit on the 51cm. I need to check the toe strike - if it's at too low a steering angle, I need to order up a size. If it's fine, I'm going to buy it in a week and a half or so. I already rode it once and it was jaw-dropping. I know there're people on bike three times that much and then some, but the F1X just...it was dead on. It was perfect. I was stunned by it. I felt right at home. It'll be next in my stable.