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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Old 09-05-08, 10:59 AM   #1
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Any Human Resources or pay roll people here.

I work for a big company and they have been screwing up my pay since I started ten months ago.
It started with the first pay check. They had me at a pay rate much less than I was hired at. It took two month to fix, then they told me I couldn't get back pay for the difference. So that's over $2500 I was out. Then in May I put in for 3 vacation days. I filled out all the paperwok and had it approved and I never got paid for it. They told me I could just keep the vacation days and use them later.
Now I get a call two weeks ago that my Grandmother died. So I tell work I need to fly back to RI for the funeral and I'd like to use my vacation days so I can get paid. They say they have a bereavment policy, and I'll get three days bereavment pay so I don't need to use my vacation days. Well I get my check today and NO Bereavement pay.
That makes the total money they owe me over $4000, in only ten months. WTF.
Anybody have any advice. If I get a new job I figure I can take them to small claims court. But since I still work there I don't want to cause to many problems and end up getting fired. The problems seem to be in the corporate office, because my manager is filling out the paperwork and sending the emails, but corporate is just blowing them off it seems.
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Posts: 204 ex-wife used to work for your company, is it owned by Indians by any chance?
Love one another
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Old 09-05-08, 11:18 AM   #3
go wake forest!!!!
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contact the colorado dept of labor
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Originally Posted by bandaidman View Post
contact the colorado dept of labor

That will also start an official paper trail that you can use just in case they retaliate.

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I had a similar issue with my previous company in which a direct deposit failed to post, and they cut my rate for one paycheck by accident.

I had to be really really really persistent with them (i.e. bothering them about it everyday) in order for the problem to get fixed. It got resolved rather cleanly, but I needed to pester them about it.

They can and I believe HAVE to pay you the money that they owe.

Good luck!
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Have you told your department head? An email from your big boss to H.O may get it resolved, especially if that person has more contact with human resources. But definitely keep all of your hours sheets, pay stubs or summaries because you may need to show them to labor reps or a labor lawyer.

I had a similar problem several years ago when the office admin kept giving me the run around with my retirement savings plan -- the employer supposed to contribute to my RSP, but for a year none were made. The fool kept telling me all was fine when nothing was ever shown on my pay summary. I waited until she went on vacation and I asked her replacement to check on my RSP. Sure enough, within 24 hours I received a call from H.O apologizing and said the paperwork wasn't completed correctly by the same person who insisted all was fine. (The jerk never got any flak from it too. She's still there, acting like she knows all and likes to give RSP advice. Fool.) Anyway, I quit and have been much happier since.

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They absolutely need to pay you for all the money you are owed. Don't take this lying down.
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Read this:
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So yeah ya know that they people that hired you should be able to be your champions right. They know the terms of your hiring etc. they should be able to help.
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