A week ago, I posted a thread calling out Acura Legend owners. I was trying to see if there were any that were going through the overheating issues that I was having.

Well, I thought they were somewhat resolved after changing the thermostat and fan controller, but surely enough, they were not. After going through another temp spike episode today, I am returning it to its rightful owner (my father) and will try to push him to selling it. I really want to fix the car, but spending $2000 on a new head gasket that might fix the problem is way too much of a risk, especially given the relatively little that I make.

On the positive side, I will never have to worry about parking, my rate for commuting will be a constant $60-$70/week again (it wasn't that much higher with the car; my job's location and distance makes using public transportation, with or without my bike, almost as costly as using the car; in fact, driving every day might have been cheaper!), I won't need to worry about gas anymore (or anything getting stolen at night), and I can have an excuse to work from home a day a week! My food intake will also be normalized, since I had to be chewing on something ALL of the time while I was driving so I could stay awake (even with good night's sleep beforehand). Oh, and NO MORE TRAFFIC!

On the negative side, the only way I can get to my office at the time I want to (8am) is if I leave my house at 5:30am at the latest, which is VERY difficult for me to pull off. To add, I won't be able to go to my school for nightly meetings, unless it's on a Friday (which is already reserved for another group).

Having a car is really a gift and a curse, especially as a cyclist. It portrays itself as a convenient mode of transportation, but it's only convenient when the roads are free, which is VERY rare in NYC (unless you do most of your traveling between 2am - 5am, and even then this might not apply on Friday and Saturday nights). It's fast (and the Legend is a LOT of fun to drive), but maintenance is a killer. Though I will admit that having these cooling system issues taught me a lot about automobile cooling systems and inspired me to want to learn how to maintain my own car when I get one for myself later on in life.

Thankfully, I'm turning 21 soon, so I might be able to use Zipcar for my weekend travels......