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    a truely deserving person needing your vote.

    When I was working at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, there was I one amazing person in particular whom I met was Maggie Sheehan. When she was born, the median life expectancy for someone with CF was fourteen years old. Maggie is now in college, however still deals with frequent hospital stays and the sad repercussions of living with CF. However, her spirit remains the same, upbeat and positive. She is someone whom I greatly admire. Her resilience to fight this disease and live a normal college life, all at the same time, is truly incredible and admirable. Please see below and help me vote to make sure Maggie wins this $10,000.00 college scholarship, as Maggie and her family greatly deserve this reward!

    Thanks for your vote

    You can vote EVERY DAY from Sept. 15th through Oct. 15th!

    Please go to: and vote for Margret S.
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    You may want to "bold" your last line to make it quick and obvious who to vote for as you call her "Maggie" all through first part.
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    There's a lot of deserving people on there. Why didn't you start a thread for all of them?
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