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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Old 10-01-08, 07:58 PM   #1
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Is anyone else having trouble with Earthlink?

I will begin by saying yes, I am on dialup. Big deal. If you only have some smart remark, or think you're superior because you're on high speed, please don't even respond. Posts like this will not help, and they will be ignored by me anyway. If you can be adult, please feel free....

I'm beginning to have a problem with Earthlink, and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing? This all started with Hurricane Ike a couple of weeks ago here in Houston. Until then I was getting a solid 46 to 48k which is not bad considering, and was bearable. During the storm my phone line never went out, no static, nothing like that. After the storm I was able to get 36k, which I understood since things were probably pretty screwed up. Day by day, the speed began dropping to 24k, then 21, then 19..... I thought the worst yet was 9k, but since then it has dropped to 7200, the LOWEST speed I have ever experienced, anywhere.... I traveled around the country quite a bit until the early 2000's, and never got worse than 26k.

So, I finally got sick of it, and tried to call Earthlink to see what the problem was. They did the normal things to try and help me, like changing DNS and access numbers, etc. Their efforts seemed sort of half hearted at best, with no real concern shown. During these 20+ calls I was constantly hinted to about switching to DSL, which they have NEVER done before. The final straw was today, when they passed me onto someone that was supposed to "help" me. I was then informed of a product called "PC fine tune" which I could try for free for 30 days, at which time I would have to pay an extra $4.95 a month to continue using the service. This was in addition to the grossly overinflated $21.95 a month I am already paying for internet access. If this is how they do business, I would not want their DSL service anyway. When the next big thing comes along, would I be "starved out" once again?

I think the low connection speed is being done purposely to make me switch to high speed. The woman they passed me off to today was very pushy, and acted like I was a fool for not paying the extra five bucks a month to continue using their svc.

Is this happening to anyone else on Earthlink dialup, or any other dialup ISP?,,,,,BD(Miguel)

Now hopefully this will not time out before the post goes through. I have been typing for quite a while, and the ads to the right have barely even loaded, lol.
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And yes I finally got power back on Sunday at 3:45. Thanks Centerpoint, or Reliant, or whoever you are.....
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Hey BikeDued, Time for DSL.
You won't regret changing.
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Thanks, that really helps, lol. NOT!,,,,BD
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I had dial up for several years. It can be a struggle, 'specially paying that much for such a slow speed. Usually those speeds are out in rural areas. Haven't heard of difficulties, though I don't have Earthlink (anymore). Dropped them early on 'cause they were too spendy.

With all the hassles they've given ya, maybe it's time to shop? Might be able to find something reasonable.

BTW, I get 2000kbs download 380kbs up, broadband, for less $ than you posted earlier.

Just sayin....

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Old 10-01-08, 09:12 PM   #6
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I started having trouble with Earthlink DSL about a week ago, and left town on Friday morning without having regained internet access. I'm not exactly excited about what I might find when I return in another week and a half.

If this doesn't work itself out this time, and since I'm still annoyed by how they redirected failed page loads to their own ad-supported web pages (which only got resolved by my setting the modem to use certain DNS servers), I might finally go with somebody else.
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46k? Does not compute. Is that some new-fangled savings and retirement plan? The mileage on your OD? Hold on a sec, I have to go adjust my rabbit ears on my Television Set...Walter Cronkite is looking a little grainy...
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Did you unplug your system (modem and all) and let it sit for a few?
Sometimes that helps. I found that when I'd call India to get help I
usually got none so I switched to cable high speed. I pay $26.99 a month.
NEVER looked back. I was afraid of changing my email addy.
Now I'm totally non - commital.
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