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Thread: NFL gambling.

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    NFL gambling.

    So I'm looking at the section for the 'margin of victory' betting, and if I place $5.00 on the Giants beating the Browns by 14-17 points, my $5 would win me $35. Hm, but there are seven options to choose from:

    Giants Win By 01-03 pts
    Giants Win By 04-06 pts (Giants will win by more than 6 points..most likely)

    Giants Win By 07-10 pts $5 - $17.50
    Giants Win By 11-13 pts $5 - $22.50
    Giants Win By 14-17 pts $5 - $35
    Giants Win By 18-21 pts $5 - $50
    Giants Win By 22 or more $5 - $35

    Giants will definitely win a lot. Thing is is that if the payout ratio is that good, could I technically bet on say Win by 18-21 points, and have a buddy of mine bet on 22 or more? That is if one of ours wins, then we split the payout and still make more money than what was placed originally..or maybe that's too easy.

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    I'm not sure what your question is. You can take both bets but essentially you half the payout in exchange for doubling your chances. Of course, you know that numbers show that more people have bet that the Giants will lose or win by less then 18 points.

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