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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Mac vs. PC (PIC)

As a Mac user, I found this pretty funny because it's partially true - at least before the transition to Intel.
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It doesn't matter how nicely you package the system - it still can't run 90% of the major computer software that is created. I'm sure it's really fun paying for compatibility software so you can try to be as good as PC. Let's face it, PC is the supreme overlord of your computer psyche.
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just get a free copy of crossover today
and you can run your PC games on mac.
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They could have also had a third column. Picture of a Wii/Xbox/Playstation, "$200-400", and the same picture listed under the Dell.

And a fourth column. Some big iron server, some five (six?) digit number for a price, and a screenshot of NetHack.
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That is one thing I wish Apple would address, and they sort of made an attempt with the new Nvidia chipsets on the laptop refresh. iMacs and other stuff really need far better graphics chipsets than what Apple currently included with them. That, or the ability to have some way to upgrade them, even if its some funky AGP-esque connector. Third party vendors would immediately fill that niche.

Of course, the Mac Pro doesn't have this problem. You pay $3500 for one, but you can throw Crysis at it, and it will deliver. However, one can buy a low end dual core HP or Compaq, stuff a low to midrange video card in it for about a fifth that price for decent gameplay.

I call this the Mac Conundrum. For what you get with a Mac, its excellent quality, the machine is well built, and compared to the service you get with PC makers (unless you go with the business lines), Apple's service is top notch. Of course, I am a UNIX weenie and love OS X. However, it does smart (and I can't afford at this time) paying $3500 for a desktop where I can build something comparable with virtually the same hardware for far less. The way I solve this, is to have a Mac for a workstation, and a generic Windows box, both attached to a KVM switch.

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I probably have 3 times as many cables running behind my computer than that Dell and it looks clean and orderly. People need to learn how to do cable management.
Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post

What's frightening is how coherent Hickey was in posting that.
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Werd. It's not that hard to do cable management.

Originally Posted by jsharr View Post
A girl once asked me to give her twelve inches and make it hurt. I had to make love to her 3 times and then punch her in the nose.
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