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    Custom Google Maps/Spreadsheet Question

    I have a Google map that pulls data in from a Google spreadsheet. Unfortunately there are over 1,200 points on it so it's not useful to look at. I need a way for the user to plug in their zip code in a field and when they hit "Submit" it'll zoom onto that area of the map and show however many points are in that area.

    I can get the map generated on a web page (excellent resources on how to do that here)

    Can't figure out the search part, and since there are too many points throughout the country I really need a way of bringing the user to a zip code to see what's local.

    I thought perhaps having a stand alone map may be the way to go and then pass the zip code as a variable in the URL but I can't seem to find a way to do this. Or maybe even a way to generate the map on the fly after a user puts in their zip?

    Anyone do this or have an idea? I think it's something really simple that I'm missing.


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    Sorry I don't know enough to help without getting really involved, but that Geocoder there is pretty nifty. I've been using this one for a while

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