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    Holiday shopping finds...

    Ok, so I always come first in the shopping season. I found this Sony VGN-TT198U last Friday and had to get it:

    It's so compact and cute, I couldn't resist. And it had all the features I was looking for too:

    - 11.1" screen for small footprint
    - BluRay player
    - firewire for the video cameras and decks
    - built-in Sprint Wireless aircard
    - 256gb SSD
    - 8-hr battery life
    - metal case

    At first, I was contemplating wiping out the Vista and using Linux, but there were simply no drivers to be had anywhere for the Aircard and I refuse to hunt for free WiFi hotspots. Also firewire support and video-editing apps are an afterthought in Linux. So I ended up re-loading it with XP. Of course, Sony's official stand is that their wireless software and drivers are ONLY Vista certified and they cleverly programmed their installers to check for model & OS before running. Oh well, I just went to the Sprint site and downloaded the necessary drivers & software. Now I can get my BF fix anywhere there's cellular service, yay!!!!
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    That is pretty cool. One day, I am going to venture out of my cave and get a laptop and wifi capablities. Would be cool have BF in the garage while working on bikes, etc. The wife gets mad when I wrench on bikes in the den on the new carpet.
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    so what kinda deal did you get on this? I looked it up and it's a $4000+ laptop...that's pretty ridiculous

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