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    getting hit by cable housing HURTS!

    The sting is unbelievable! Get an old 1 foot piece of cable housing, (extra points if it has the brass boot in the end) bend it straight and give it a go.

    I think this would deter dogs/assailants MUCH MORE than a pump or U'lock. And it weighs less.

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    The problem with single pieces is that they are like a whip. Won't really cause any damage beyond skin damage. You'd want to be able to at least hope that you could concuss the dog. A dog serious enough to jump you won't really mind slight skin damage.

    I once taped together a bunch of 1.5 or 2 foot pieces to use like a blackjack. I just used a bunch of scrap since at the time I worked at a shop. It'll work alright. Perhaps not well, or at all, with a truly dangerous dog, but it will have an effect on 90% dog's I'd wager. But then, that same 90% will usually just run off if you scream at them at the top of your lungs.
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