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Chistmas bike.

What was the first bike that you got for Christmas? Mine was a brown, drop bar,fenderless Schwinn Collegiate. I got it for Christmas in 1972. My Mom let me ride it home from my LBS on Christmas eve. Wow it was the greatest feeling going that fast (compared to my Sting-Ray)! Thanks Mom!
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BatŁwŁ Griekgriek
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I'm still waiting...thanks, Mom

I did get this around 1969:
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Originally Posted by pgoat View Post
I'm still waiting...thanks, Mom ....
Same here.
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First one I really remember was the Gracco full suspension motobike. On the way back to Oklahoma City from Corpus Christi and somehow stopped at a place next to a bicycle shop. I fell in love with it, and mom and dad bought it for me for Christmas.

I had to ride all the way back home with that thing taking up the back of the station wagon in it's box. They did let me get the handlebars out of the box, and I pretended to ride the bike for hours.

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K2ProFlex baby!
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Its the first bike I can remember getting for X-Mas.

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It was a J.C. Higgins (Sears) cantilever framed tank. It had chrome fenders, whitewall tires, twin headlights, a horn, streamers, and a mudflap that said "Have Bike, Will Travel."

I was humiliated! The cool guys had those three speed "English racers" and here I was stuck with a bike that weighed as much as I did. By Spring I had removed the fenders, chainguard, lights, rear carrier, streamers, and anything else that added to its geekiness.

I rode the daylights out of that bike and when I went off to the seminary my brother-in-law put baskets on the back and rode it to his medical school classes at the University of Kentucky. The last I saw of it it was rusting away outside the Shawneetown apartments at UK.
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Crushing souls
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I got a BMX bike when I was 10. Rode the crap outta that thing. That was the only bike my parents ever bought for me. All the other bikes were either hand-me-downs from my brother or dumpster-rescued.
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What's frightening is how coherent Hickey was in posting that.
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My first bike ever was a black mongoose BMX bike. I learned how to ride it on xmas day, my dad gave me one big push down our front lawn, and I was off. Wish I had a picture of it, my brother had the same bike, but in blue. We road those bikes all over town.
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Siu Blue Wind
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I got pushed down a hill.
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runnin' down a dream
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I never got a bike for Christmas. I rode an old hand-me-down for a long time.

The first NEW bike I got was a white Norco Mini Mountaineer. It had GEARS!!! It was the best bike ever, I was sooo lucky to get it & I rode it waaaay longer than I should have (must have looked like I was on a clown bike by the time I got a different one).
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I think it was when I was 5 or 6. It had a banana seat.
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Domestic Domestique
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I never got a bike for Christmas, but I remember helping my dad put together my sisters first 26". Wallyworld special that she rode until she got her drivers license and then we sold it to a family down the street.

My first mountain bike was a Mtn. Tek 21 speed. That was back in '91 and the first year I started mountain biking.
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