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Thread: More recipes

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    More recipes

    Lazy Girls (That's me) Rolled Pork Loin


    Approximately 2 lb. pork loin
    1 box Stove Top stuffing
    3-5 stalks celery (diced)
    1 apple (diced)
    6 oz. apple juice
    1/2 can black olives (diced)
    some flour
    some thyme
    some black pepper
    some string


    1) Cook stove top stuffing according to directions, but with 6 oz. apple juice and 6 oz. water (instead of the usual 1 & 1/2 cups water), diced celery, and diced apple.
    2) At the point where you are supposed to "fluff with a fork," fluff in diced black olives.
    3) Slice pork loin in thirds so that it is one wide, flat layer.
    4) Spread stuffing mix across the meat layer.
    5) Roll the loin into a fat tube/ cylinder, making layers of pork and stuffing.
    6) Tie the roll together.
    7) Mix flour, thyme, and black pepper on a plate or other flat surface.
    8) Roll and rub the loin with the flour mixture, covering every exposed part of meat.
    9) Place in roasting pan with rack for 60-75 minutes at 375-400 degrees farenheit.
    10) Take it out and slice it.

    Dang, that was good! Fortunately, I have leftovers.
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