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    Virus Scanner Question [When Google Doesn't Get Me]

    I must be asking the wrong thing because I have searched Google off and on all morning and Google doesn't understand what I am asking:

    I have four users set up on my computer: Default Admin, myself, my wife, and Guest account is turned on.

    I currently use AVG Free and SpyBot with TeaTimer running.

    If I run a scan every night at 4am, does the scan check all the accounts, or just the account the scan is run under?

    My Google search resulted in a lot of people who have no idea so they make stuff up, and other results came up with "use the LU account." What the heck is an "LU account"?!?

    I am actually fairly new to multple users on one PC since we have had people over to babysit and I don't want to give them full access to the PC.

    Links to Google are fine, too... I thought this was going to be a quickie but apparently it's not so obvious.

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    AVG will scan the whole computer in it's scheduled scans
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    on a box with user accounts,

    if you install avg while logged in as an administrator and set up options as administrator it will scan everything

    LU means local user account. it doesn't mean anything.

    what you want to be is the Local Admin or have those exact privledges....the top level admin on the box, to install or run any security software.
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