Yesterday, I navigated into the fiery pits of Williamsburg to shoot some random band music. This was a really tough environment. The lighting was really dim (I would have been in good shape with anything that could shoot at f/2.2 or faster), the colors of the (dim) headlights would NOT play nicely with my auto white balance, and my lens, while nice, is not that fast (f/3.5 at 28mm to f/4.5 at 105mm). So I was basically playing with really high ISO (ISO-3200) and slow shutter speeds (less than 1/25-sec). I thought most of my pictures would have came out unbearable because of camera shake, but I was pleasantly surprised that not only was I able to handhold all of my shots REALLY nicely, but that the camera noise was REALLY low...even with ISO expansion turned on!

Album here.

I shot most of it in black and white because there wasn't any important color to keep, and I would have had to correct color temperature anyway (which is a little tough when shooting JPEG; I don't shoot RAW because it adds a good amount of time in my workflow processing with little return).