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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Crazy dream thread

OK. So here it is. What I remember of it.

I was on a Wii Skateboard Deck with wheels. But not only was I on that, I was also wearing Wii Rollerskates while on the Wii Skateboard. Yet somehow managed to keep myself rolling along nicely. And! Now get this crap. I was wearing regular clothes from the neck down: T-shirt and shorts. From the neck up I was in clown-face and had a big, red afro. While looking like this I was searching for my wife on a boardwalk at some beach.

This is what I get from having my brother take me out to a bar for $1 domestics and all you can eat wings. I don't normally eat past 6pm. Trying to drop a few more pounds for race season. I don't drink except on the weekend. And I certainly don't eat hot wings all night no matter what day of the week.
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Look! My Spine!
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Weird combination indeed...

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Lat night I went fishing in the Hudson. I was trolling for herring so I could catch a delicious striped-bass, but instead I caught a puppy. Then I drowned the puppy because, well, that's kinda what you do with fish. I felt so bad about it though I was walking around my apartment covering my ears so I didn't hear it. Weird.

That's what I get for watching the Westminster show before falling asleep. And for the record, I am a dog lover, I have one.
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Would riding in the Tour de France on a triple (tandem +1) with Lance and Floyd in front of me count?
In search of what to search for.
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Tilting with windmills
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Originally Posted by USAZorro View Post
Would riding in the Tour de France on a triple (tandem +1) with Lance and Floyd in front of me count?
That's a lot of testoserone in that dream. Oh wait............l
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Who farted?
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I had hair and it was going all grey. wtf?
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I did have a pretty detailed dream this last week and even thought about starting a thread...and along came this one.

In the dream I was attracted to a 19 y/o. That may not be hard to believe if my name was ModoVincere, but I'm honestly not attracted to younger women. What made this girl different was she was amazingly mature for her age...and considering she was attracted to a guy over twice her age. I even asked her about the age issue and she had a good answer for it. Sorry, I don't know what the answer was. Nothing really happened other than dealing with the socio/psychological issues.
Originally Posted by ahsposo View Post
Ski, bike and wish I was gay.
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I was in high school, trying to go to chemistry but couldn't find the class, didn't have my schedule so I wasn't sure of the room, didn't have my book, and was barefoot. And there were extra hallways and rooms.
I graduated from high school almost 30 years ago, and still having these stupid HS dreams.
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