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    being blessed with an amazing gene pool

    White skin that turns into salmon jerky/sun dried tomatoes in the sun. YAY

    Blue eyes that look every so nice yet sizzle like a fried green tomatoe. YAY

    An array of super helpful extra abilities: history of diabetes, history of skin cancer, back problems, white blood cell disorders

    All I want is to work my body to it's ability, I never go over the threshold. Of course I guess I realize now the threshold is about if compared to a physical length 2 centifreakingmeters. I play hard or ride hard and now I have pains in so many places its un believable. I sit here watching the basketball allstar game hating them all for not being injured. I sit here watching a track meet and hate them all. ARGPOOPSAUCE.

    Its not like I'm training to sumo wrestle a grizzly bear or become the next world women's dead lift champ. WTF

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    Welcome to my world. I don't have the history of diabetes and cancer, but do have a bad back, myopia and a history of heart disease to go with my fair skin, dodgy knees and creaking joints. I have to pay lots of attention to stretching properly before and after exercising.

    Are your injuries from overuse, or not warming up and down properly or just poor co-ordination?
    Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live. ~Mark Twain, "Taming the Bicycle"
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