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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Buy MacBook now or wait for snow leopard?

Rumors (pah!) are sl is out first quarter this year. Should I wait for it or buy MacBook now?
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By "first quarter", I'm taking it to mean October 2009.

Everything I've seen so far points to 10.6 not being released anytime soon. It's hardly been shown to the public, either. I'd expect the first real look to come at the WWDC in June, then the actual release sometime this fall.

Then, as usual, 10.6.0 won't be perfect, but they'll have most of the real-world tweaks done by 10.6.2, and that won't be until Spring 2010.

If you want a Macbook now, get a Macbook now. It'll run 10.6 just fine later on.
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Get it now; you can upgrade later.
Ride more.

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The Macbooks were recently refreshed in October, so hardware wise, they likely won't be touched until September at the absolute earliest, perhaps not touched for a couple years, similar to how iMacs and the Mac Mini have been languishing.

As for Snow Leopard, don't let this be a factor in buying a Mac. It will come out when it does.
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Buy now. Snow Leopard is mainly about tweaking the system rather than adding new features. However, IMHO Leopard is just fine -- especially on a MacBook. As Barracks says, it'll run Snow Leopard just fine if you decide to upgrade.
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Snow Leopard won't be out until Q4 at this rate. Just buy the computer. They're discounting them pretty hard @ places like I have the newest MacBook Pro (so does my Mom). They really are very nice.

By the way, for all the pundits busting Apple about lowering their CPU pricing, the biggest seller at Apple Stores over the last three months have been the $2000-$2700 MacBook Pro units.
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Old 03-02-09, 03:22 AM   #7
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Get the Macbook now. Apple's been putting the 45nm Penryns in them and probably won't change CPUs at at least two-years. Maybe use the faster ones as they come out, but it won't be anything major. You'll be able to run 10.6 without any problem. Heck, I'm running 10.5 on a 10-year old PowerMac with 266mhz G3 just fine.
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