I hadn't ridden Redwood Regional in a long while, so I was exceptionally giddy.

I prepared all my gear the previous night, then set out for school in the morning, knowing that I'd have a kickass ride to look forward to with my riding buddies.

After class, I headed out to the staging area, and parked. I went to change into my riding clothes but couldn't find them anywhere. What the...? Even though I had prepared everything the previous night, I totally forgot to bring them with me! Oh well, I didn't make it all the way out there for nothing. I rolled up my jeans to my knees. Boy, that didn't feel comfortable at all in the 85 degree weather. Jacob advised that if I opened my zipper, I'd get better airflow.

I did a few laps around the lot like that. I found the heat unbearable around my legs where the jeans were bunched up, and despite my zipper being wide open to the rushing air, it didn't help all that much.

Whatever. I took off my jeans and bared my blue boxer briefs for all to see, and we went on our ride.

Out of all the hikers we encountered that day, there was only one lady with a giant dog who asked her partner "Was that guy in his underwear?"