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    "Micron" pens by Sakura - has anyone used these?

    I've been using the Micron "005" pens (by Sakura) for at least a decade for graphic design work. Over the past year, I've noticed a significant quality control problem with these pens. I have bought both individual pens as well as box sets and have found bad pens in each case. The definition of "bad" means a pen that either does not work at all, or that runs out of ink with less than a few minutes of light use. In addition to that, even the pens that do seem to work run out of ink much sooner than the old pens did. For example, I now go through 3 pens for the same amount of work that I could do with only one pen several years ago.

    The company has been very nice about replacing bad pens, but nothing seems to work the way it used to. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
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