Heard this on the radio yesterday - thought I'd share....

I Got a Bicycle
written by: Coco Love Alcorn / 2008

hey, hey, i gotta get to the east side
hey, hey, donít wanna do it on the inside
hey, hey, burniní time in a traffic line
hey, hey, burniní gas, whereís the parking sign?
hey, hey, itís too far for me to walk
hey, hey, itís 5k and then a block
hey, hey, I know a better way to get there
hey, hey, with no cab or bus fare

I got a bicycle
I ride around
itís the sweetest way
to get to B Iíve found
I got a bicycle
I ride around
Iím like super girl
I never touch the ground

hey, hey, some days Iím goiní super fast
hey, hey, ní thereís cars stuck in a mass
hey, hey, ní I feel super kick ass
hey, hey, as I squeeze through and fly past
hey, hey, i wonder what theyíre thinkiní
hey, hey, as theyíre sittiní there and stinkiní
hey, hey, I hope theyíre thinkiní holy ****
hey, hey, I should get a bike and use it!


in this city Iím liviní in
thereís the potential for
goiní crazy but Iím not giviní in
ícause Iíve found a way
to release all the pressure
and to feel like Iím living
a life of leisure