Hi all, first post on here and thought I'd start by sharing this crazy story/video

Taken from the Telegraph website:

The amazing CCTV footage comes from the Israeli Railroad Company and shows crossing in northern Israel.

On Sunday the woman, circled in red, approached the tracks and a railway guard to the right of the screen tried to signal to her. She then appeared to lie down on the tracks as a high-speed train hurtles over her for several seconds.

Incredibly after the train passed, she appeared to get up and walk away.

The footage was broadcast on the Israeli TV network Channel 2. According to the station, police later caught up with the woman and escorted her to a local hospital were she received minor medical treatment for bruising to the head, and then was moved to psychiatric hospital in Northern Israel for further evaluation.
Video HERE

I never realised there was a gap that big under a train

And now I'll go back to rummaging through the forum