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    Help with Windows XP

    I am getting the Windows File Protection pop up. I'm pretty sure my software is legit but I bought the computer used and do not have a windows cd or any way to verify anything.

    I went to this website to disable Windows File Protection but there is too much computer lingo for me. I am about average with computers although some stuff I'm really good at (i.e. can type 70 wpm) and some stuff like this not so good at:

    Can someone who's good with computers put it in simple instructions for me?


    1. How do I "Make a backup the SFC_OS.DLL in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory. "
    2. How do I "Make an additional copy of SFC_OS.DLL called SFC_OS1.DLL and open it in a hex editor. "

    I think everything else I understand, but I don't know how to make a backup or how to open with hex editor.

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    1. Do these:
    a. Open windows explorer and nativate to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory.
    b. Right click on SFC_OS.DLL and click copy.
    c. right click in directory anywhere that is NOT on a file.
    d. It will create a new file with a name something like "copy of SFC_OS.DLL".
    e. Right click on that new file and select RENAME.
    f. Type a new file name. Something like "BACKUP_SFC_OS.DLL".

    You have just made a backup (e.g. copy of the file) with a new name.

    2. Do this:
    a. Do same thing as step 1, but give the new file name "SFC_OS1.DLL".
    b. You don't that I know of have a hex editor built in to windows. You'll have to download and install one. A hex editor that I like is called febooti because it integrates into your File Explorer properties dialog.
    c. Go to and download/install febooti.
    d. Once febooti is installed, you can get to it through file properties in Windows Explorer.
    e. Right click on the file "SFC_OS1.DLL" and select properties.
    f. There is now a "Hex Editor" tab in that dialog box.
    g. Make any changes it tells you to in that hex code and click OK.
    h. When it closes, it will ask you if you want to save the file. Select "yes".

    If you still have trouble post back here, or PM me. I can help you more if you need it.
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