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    Best way to un-stick photo negatives?

    GAH! looking through old negatives and finding some are stuck together (were just sitting in envelopes for oh, 10-40 years...).

    any thoughts on how to separate them without destroying the images? In each case, it is only two strips of five frames stuck partially together.
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    Let them soak in some lukewarm water for a couple minutes. They should easily separate.

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    Can't you just soak them in a tub of cold water? If there is residue, clean carefully with iso. alcohol and swab.

    If paranoid, use film stabilizer after soaking in water and separating.

    * I am not an expert. Use above advice at your own peril

    edit: I believe Kodak says to put the negatives in a tub of cold water and into the freezer for 10 minutes and use stabilizer to further reduce chance of damage.

    edit2: call B&H

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