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Thread: Netbooks

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    I have no idea which one to buy for school.

    Does anyone here have opinions on which netbooks they enjoyed or didn't enjoy? I am looking into the 250-350$ range, with a 10" or 10.1" screen, and hope that the little guy can run battlefield heroes without any problems, but with the litte atom and integrated graphics...I'm not sure. I've heard MSI Wind's can run it no problem, but it would need pixel shader 2.0. Are MSIs good? What about the little Acer's or Asus'?
    I'm only using this to type notes in a few classes, browse the web, and hopefully play the BF:H game. I have a 17" acer already and depise lugging that beast around. Thanks guys

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    depends on the graphics chipset, most of the atom equipped have the intel gma950

    it will do pixel shader 2.0

    I own 2 of the asus models, the 1000HA and the 701. Never used either for games, doub't they'd do very well. Either are right at their limits playing DVD video, anything above that forget it.

    the keyboards are a bit cramped but you get used to it pretty quick

    where the atom equipped shine is a battery life and size/weight----4-5hrs of actual use and about 3.5 pounds

    for $350 I'd buy another asus 1000 series no problem, its been a good little machine

    only issue that bugs me is if you leave the battery connected and the power off it will drain itself in a few days anyway

    the new ION chipset models are coming out soon I think, that will fix most of the graphics weaknesses

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    I have the Acer Aspire 1. I use it for browsing, email, Excel and Wordprocess for work. Never tried running any games on it ... aside from Spider Solitare I had to buy an external dvd player to load some of my software. Other than that, I love the size and weight of a netbook. The battery life is better than my Inspiron 9400 laptop.

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