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    [Geek] Replacement lock cylinder for bike locks?

    The generic Abus/Abloy double-sided cylinder has been a solid performer. It has stood the test of time, but because it is in use in so many places, it would be a gold mine to someone who is able to make an easy to use picking tool for it (like bumping for pin tumbler locks, and Bic pens for some [1] round tumbler locks.)

    No lock is unpickable, but the Abloy Protec lock (IIRC) has 11 hours as its shortest time to being picked.

    The Evva MCS lock looks interesting because it would require a decoder rather than a mechanical picking tool to open. It also has an insanely high amount of different key combinations.

    For springless action and the ability to work in crappy conditions, the Evva 3KS looks like a good candidate. It is a fairly simple, but pick resistant mechanism with lots of different key combinations possible.

    Of course, these cylinders are expensive, but of course mass production would drive down prices. This isn't meant to replace the existing locks, but to be phased in over a period of time for better pick resistance.

    [1]: I say some. Some locks may be vulnerable to this, others are not. Saying that all

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    It sounds good, but could be a bit overkill, so far as bicycle lock usage goes.

    Sure, for about $80 US, you could incorporate into the manufacture, a highly pick resistant cylinder to a typical bicycle lock, but in the end, you still have a bicycle lock - complete with all the inherent shortcommings of a lightweight portable locking system.

    The reality is, despite what people see on TV, and weeding out "bump key" susceptible cylinder configurations, the average person, or would be bike thief, is not adept at picking a lock cylinder. Even if they were able to do it, in most instances, you'd be looking at 20 minutes + time to do it. That's a veritible lifetime for surreptitious attack. Throw a couple spool type top driver pins in the cylinder, and you're probably upwards of an hour - if at all. Add a locking sidebar to that, and you can forget it; only the most expert locksmiths would be able to pick it, and it would still take a rediculous amount of time. I would ventre that most of your expert locksmiths, of the caliber to pick somethig like that, already make a decent honest living, without going around stealing bicycles.

    (just my $.02)
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