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    setting up an online store with Zencart

    I'm trying to do a local install of the Zencart software so I can test things locally before uploading everything to
    the web server. The instructions for Zencart say the following:

    If you are running on a your own computer, this will be


    or if on a live server:


    You then only need to follow the prompts to install Zen Cart(tm).

    I've tried doing a local install and can't get it to work. I'm not sure if "localhost" is supposed to be written exactly that way. I tried and it doesn't work, but then maybe I entered the path name wrong.

    If my zencart directory on my mac is located in:
    hard drive => users =>snicklefritz=>local_sites =>zencardir

    What should I type for the zencart local install?
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