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ModoVincere 12-09-13 09:31 AM

Is wearing assless chaps and dancing in the street.

MillCreek 12-09-13 11:21 AM

Really does know that the phrase 'assless chaps' is redundant.

jsharr 12-09-13 11:25 AM

Wakes himself up in the special way every morning.

ModoVincere 12-09-13 11:31 AM

Goes to bed in that same special way each evening.

mastronaut 12-09-13 11:37 AM

The only special way time he gets is with his alter ego VinceModo...

trsidn 12-09-13 01:51 PM

In flight school got the nick 'quasimodo' for obvious reasons...

ModoVincere 12-09-13 01:56 PM

People only thought he was wearing a costume when he went trick-or-treating.

eschlwc 12-09-13 03:08 PM

some suppose he doesn't need the mask, wig and wheelchair. but he will tell you they are absolute essentials to his existence.

mastronaut 12-09-13 03:48 PM

Nuthin but sand, sun, n fun for him all day long I tell ya...

mastronaut 12-09-13 04:47 PM

Talks to Willie the big black sock puppet like it was his own....

Wilfred Laurier 12-09-13 07:04 PM

he was so relieved when he found out that socks cant get pregnant

ahsposo 12-09-13 07:39 PM

One finger.

Two nostrils.

Decisions to be made.

Jseis 12-09-13 07:51 PM

Going to spend all winter locked tight in his dingy dank apartment creating a flying thing out of a dish rag and precious bodily fluids.

ahsposo 12-09-13 08:08 PM

Is investing his retirement funds on on a flying thing out of a dish rag and precious bodily fluids.

He's in for $35.77.

Go boldly dude!

mastronaut 12-09-13 08:20 PM

Picks up lung butter from sidewalks to mask his own DNA when he meets a new girl...

ahsposo 12-09-13 08:27 PM

And you don't? Look who's talking! Mister, my DNA isn't a science project. He was the original Butterball Turkey! Check it out!

3alarmer 12-09-13 08:45 PM

...on his ****book page, he goes by the screen name Turkey Lurkey.

Gezman 12-09-13 09:16 PM

Traded in his bike for a shake weight and one direction cd. Lol

mastronaut 12-09-13 10:10 PM

has been known as Hiegh Lee Intelegent by his bong buddies....

eschlwc 12-10-13 02:21 AM

his bong buddies are aunt millie, pastor gantry, bugsy the cat, hairlip larry, and socko the sock.

MillCreek 12-10-13 07:15 AM

Wonders if he will ever make a positive contribution to society.

Wilfred Laurier 12-10-13 07:56 AM

he recently realized he will never make a contruibution to society

now the pressure is off and he can enjoy himself

ModoVincere 12-10-13 08:27 AM

His contribution to society is copious quantities of methane.

Wilfred Laurier 12-10-13 08:52 AM

he is opening a luxury resort called
copa quantitius
including the worlds first coin operated
methane booth

mastronaut 12-10-13 02:24 PM

Tripped on a hole in a paper heart...

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