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Thread: Knee Injuries

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    Knee Injuries

    I took a weird fall at work Monday. I stepped down with my left leg onto a slippery step, next thing I know my legs slips, twists, and I'm heading towards the ground with the worst pain I've ever felt shooting from my knee up my quad.
    The emergency room Doc gives me an immobilizing brace, next day I go to an Occupational health place for the workers comp insurance, he gives me a hinged brace and recommends an MRI and appointment with an Orthopedist, Of course Workers comp has to approve the MRI so I'm still sitting around waiting to find out what's really wrong.
    What annoys me is I told both Doc's that my quad hurts the most, like I tore the muscle, My quad, not my knee is all swollen still. but both Docs only focused on the knee. I've read if it's a quad tear, you want to start some light stretching and flexing in 24 - 48 hours to help healing. Unfortunately I have to sit around and wait for the Insurance people to do their paper work so I can get my MRI.

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    The issue is: Is it a quad tear or a quad tendon rupture (patellar tendon rupture) which is actually a type of knee injury. In this area, a knee MRI is likely the best option first.
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