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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Old 10-02-09, 10:01 AM   #1
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The most awesome thing happened today!

So like I was riding my scooter (Honda Ruckus) along the street at about 35 mph. I looked down at the speedometer and then looked up to find I was veering straight into the divider! Well there were a bunch of tumble weeds over there and I found myself imitating them in a tumbleweed-like manner. It was awesome, I almost felt like I belonged somewhere in the community of tumbleweeds.

They must lead an awesome life rolling about here and there at the whim of the wind.

Well on the negative side I got two banged up knees and a banged up elbow. I'm sure I'll be hurting later on when all my bruises set. Also my poor honda got banged up but then it's a honda so it still runs fine

There's nothing like a few life experiences now and then and to be able to say "been there, done that"
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You Know!? For Kids!
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Originally Posted by colorider View Post
Phobias are for irrational fears. Fear of junk ripping badgers is perfectly rational. Those things are nasty.
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gouch pad
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how long did you look down man?! Sweet jesus!
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Crushing souls
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Dude, put down the bong. For the sake of all of us.
Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post

What's frightening is how coherent Hickey was in posting that.
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on by
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He said tumbleweed!
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I did that once when I first started riding. Only looked down for a few secs and veered right into a curb. Ouch.
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