Call #1

OnCall Tech - Hey guys, I lost my cellphone. If you need to reach me for anything, call me at 555-5555.
The Helpdesk - K.
OnCall Tech - I'll call you back if I find the cell phone to let you know.
The Helpdesk - K.

Call #2

Woman - I'm XYZ, from the database team. I have a production issue and I need to talk to On-Call Tech right now but his cellphone is not working. Do you have an alternate phone where I could reach him?
The Helpdesk - Sure, 555-5555.
Woman - Thanks! Bye

Call #3

OnCall Tech - *angry* Did you guys told my wife where I was??? You got me in a lot of trouble!
The Helpdesk - Ehm, no... We told XYZ from the Database Team.
OnCall Tech - There no XYZ working on the Database Team!
The Helpdesk - Whoops.