I don't chat much, but I'm feeling chatty and my roommates outta town, so there's no one to tell this delightful story to.

Budget constraints have me eating a pretty steady diet of ramen noodle soup, but occassionaly I splurge on a $2 frozen pizza. I pulled my pizza out of the oven tonight, and I'm cutting it up with a steak knife (a pretty ironic gift set for someone who can barely afford ramen, if you ask me). Anyway, as I'm trying to cut the pizza, I buried two knuckles into the pizza. It took a couple seconds for the pain to really set in, and by the time I got to the sink to douse it in cool water, I've got some pretty nasty blisters from the piping hot pizza sauce.

Anyway, I'm eating pizza now - and my fingers hurt like a biotch...kinda wish I had medical insurance. So passes another Sunday evening. I still choose poverty over 40+ hours/week (I don't draw any sort of gov't assistance and I pay taxes, so I'm not a leech ). Just not sure what I want to do when I grow up. I'm kinda playing the "starving artist" bit right now - but not technically "starving" - more like "just-not-eating-to-satisfaction artist."

End babble.