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    HughesNet vs FRONTIER DSL

    Is there anyone out there in Foo-land who:
    1. Lives off the beaten path
    2. Has Frontier Communications as thier phone company (land line!)
    3. Uses Frontier's DSL service

    I currently have a dish in my side yard for 256Kbps HughesNet, and pay @70/month for the priviliedge - the service is fine, if a bit slow. The FTP limit doesn't usually effect me, but it's a pain when it does!

    After many complaints & years of waiting, Frontier is now telling me that they can hook me up with their DSL using an "in-line amplifier" with 758Kbps for @40/month... but I am leary of Frontier's claim that it will work. This is a phone company that has left a young, dead locust tree hanging on the phone line since 1992, and had assured me (in the past) that my old dial up service sucking had nothing to do with their phone lines! (I switched to THEIR dial up service and had the same sucky service, proving them wrong on that account!) People on the main road that I know have no problems, and they like the service. All us "dirt road into the holler" folks, however, took the HughesNet plunge years ago.

    So, anybody out there more than a mile from the junction box & fiber cable?
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    Check out this thesis.pdf. Depending upon your level of involvement and technical expertise, you can broadcast a Wifi signal for +100 miles. I've gotten two remote offices 5 miles apart connected through two parabolic antennas and standard APs.

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