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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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wow, the parts costs sure add up

All of my gear is old (cause I've been cycling a long time). I decided I needed new shoes, helmet and gloves, and I needed a new wheelset for my bike. I can build the wheels so my plan was to just order the parts and put it all together. Well I need new tires too, and tubes, and chain, and bar tape. And I have an old set of wheels that are loose so I ordered new spokes to rebuild them, and a couple of tools. I bought the clothing items at my LBS, and had to carefully search the net to find the spokes/rims/etc. that I needed. I already had hubs and a cassette that I found on ebay. I could use another cassette but I don't have to have it right now.

I got everything bought and ordered, and added up all of the costs--- just over $1k for everything (so far) !!!

Well at least all of this stuff will last me for a long time, so it's not that much money per year.
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think of it as an investment.
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Just take whatever amount you spent and divide it by the number of miles it'll probably last...then it becomes a very manageable number. I started doing that with ski ticket prices several years ago. I'd get to the end of a day and think "$80 for 20 runs...$4/run. was worth it." But then, I'm still amazed that I can put a 44-cent stamp on a letter and get it to anyplace in the country in a couple of days.

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If you're actually wearing your stuff out (and it sounds like you are) then yeah, it's worth it. Now, going out and buying a $$$ bike that sits in the corner, not so much. As an example I know a guy who last year put 3k into a bike. On the other hand, he rides at least 200 times/year (probably more like 300), and kept his last bike 30+ years. If he can do that again he's at $0.5/ride before other stuff. Not a bad price to pay for three decades of fitness.
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If you're actually wearing your stuff out (and it sounds like you are)
I'm definitely using my stuff. My frame is 20+ years old, I upgraded the components about 18 years ago and they still work well. I wore out my hubs, tires, chain so that stuff will be replaced. I'll rebuild one wheelset with new spokes and hubs, keeping the rims and current tires. I'll build another complete wheelset with new everything except for the used hubs I bought on ebay. I contemplated just buying a complete new bike. I have a pretty good frame and good components now, to replace them with a completely new bike of similar quality would probably cost me about $3k. When I was in the LBS this week I was very careful to NOT stop and look at new bikes. I knew better than to tempt myself.

I wore out my shoes and cleats, my helmet looks to be in good shape but my LBS told me that you should buy a new helmet every 3-5 years because the foam breaks down with age.

I don't ride as much over the winter as I should, and I always say I should do better next winter. In the daylight savings time months I'll ride about 3 times per week.
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Think about the poor LBS owner's family.

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